Sunday, April 19, 2009 Sunday, April 19, 2009

Getaway Blog

Been flat out this week trying to get the Getaway blog up and running, I'm happy to say that's its now live so share the link around with as many people as you can so we can keep these getaways running. So many companies are running getaways now so it is getting harder and harder to get the numbers we need.

Although it would be easy to say OK lets stop them running we just don't want to, since I started them 5yrs ago we have raised over 40K for Very Special Kids. Very Special Kids have given our family so much that giving up just doesn't seem right.

I just looked on Friday at the uni exam timetable and was a bit shocked to see what my June is shaping up to be like

June 1st - Wendys 50th Birthday !!
June 2nd - Statistics Exam
June 3rd - Coopers 2nd Birthday
June 4th - Counselling Exam -Karens Birthday (Kazmos Kreations)
JUne 5th - Getaway and Malcolm (Step dads) birthday
June 6th, - Arrive at Getaway
June 7th - Auction at Getaway
June 8th - Home from Getaway
June 8th - Dads Birthday
June 9th - ahhhh nothing
June 10th - "
June 11th - "
June 12th - "
June 13th - Psyc Exam

Phew I guess that means I really need to be organised !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wendy said...

Hey....What about the all important JUNE 1

Jen H said...

woowwwwowowowow - that's one full on schedule!!
Hey, have u been able to find out if VSK still have the aprons??
Jen H

Rach Leeke said...

I think U might find he is only 2....

Helen Tilbury said...

Yikes...I pity you...mind you my schedule looks pretty similar!

Mette Thomas said...

LOL thanks Wendy and RAch all ammended. Yes Jen kathy has some just waiting to get one from her.

Helen Tilbury said...

Hi Mette,
Thanks for your comment...I agree...I don't think the silly woman knows what she's on about! I'm much better now the slops are back on,LOL!