Saturday, May 16, 2009 Saturday, May 16, 2009


Yesterday I got a text message asking if
- Josh had asked me a question when he got home??
- No Should he have?
- Yes he wanted to asks you if he could go to the wedding?
- Yes!!

OMG the most wonderful teacher in the world is changing her name, and how happy am I about that, well I was in the library when I received the news and I was so excited a little squeal escaped my lips.

I am seriously excited about this news, who knows why I just am.

I asked Josh about it as he got home

Josh - Yeah I forgot to ask you (huge grin), well can I go ?
Mum - Well if the most gorgeous teacher it the world says yes then its ok with me
Josh - Quick must get ready
Mum - What for ??
Josh - The Wedding !
Mum - No.. the wedding isn't for a while yet
Josh - Ahh well lets just organise my clothes then, I have no wedding clothes.

hmmmm I hope he forgets about this pretty soon or I will be encouraging them to throw a quick wedding next week.

Apparently he got to school, zipped his jacket up right to the top and smoothed it down and asked

Josh - Is this ok ?
Teacher - What for ?
Josh - The wedding, are my clothes ok ?

hmmmmm its gonna be a longggg wait............for everyone not just me

Anyway congratulations to the BEST teacher in the world, we love you to bits and are soo excited for you.

Love you and best wishes teacher


Mette and Josh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, May 07, 2009 Thursday, May 07, 2009


Coops here a few months ago and below at three months

Well Coops is nearly 2 !!!

Cant believe that part of me thinks that i don't remember life without him and the other part thinks that he was born yesterday.

Coops will turn 2 on June the 3rd right between my 2 exams so ill try to get a card and other bits organised this weekend and put them on the blog as later just wont happen.

Coops is running around the house like mad

he climbs everything

loves to sit on the coffee table to watch TV - sneaks up when I'm out of the room

loves anything that flies - helicopters and birds

loves anything with wheels - cars bikes trains

loves animals - mostly horses and cows loves to look out for them in the car

Addicted to his dummy and blanket

Still wakes in the night - yep I'm tired its been nearly 2 yrs LOL

Is the loudest of all three kids

Is the most demanding of all three kids

Absolutely loves stickers !!!
Loves tiny toys - really tiny helicopters trains cars etc

Loves stickers plays with them most days - has to have them on his hands then we get them on ours

Cooper doesn't talk a great deal he has been a bit slow in the communication stakes but I'm not to worried about it as he is pretty bright.

Words he says




Maa - max (dog)

D - dummy or blanket or even drink this words is really interchangeable and can often be anything.



Ba - bath

Most of his words are pretty basic but now he has started saying some other words skip the easy ones we are going for

Helicopter - helkkkkkpllllllta

Biscuit - bithhhhhh quet

And sorry Rach i know you will be disappointed with me but he now says

Doodle - Doodooddlllooo
Mette xxx

Wednesday, May 06, 2009 Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Good Luck Bad Luck

Still pretty flat out at uni but ill leave you with this i found on a blog this morning

It got me thinking about Wendy, Wendy a friend of mine fell down a flight of stairs 2 weeks ago, seriously the whole flight !!

I wasn't there but apparently it was really frightening - glad i wasn't don't really need that kind of fright

Anyway i felt a bit rude as i kept telling Wendy how lucky that she was badly bruised and cut etc but that was all !!

No broken bones or anything serious and seeing as they were a flight of wooden stairs down to the hard wooden floor below she was BLOODY lucky. I guess its just the way i look at things but i just couldn't get past the fact that she was very lucky and all was good!!

Just me i guess ?

Good luck, bad luck
A father and his son owned a farm.
They did not have many animals, but they did own a horse.
One day the horse ran away.
“How terrible, what bad luck,” said the neighbours.
“Good luck, bad luck, who knows?” replied the farmer.
Several weeks later the horse returned, bringing with him four wild mares.
“What marvellous luck,” said the neighbours.
“Good luck, bad luck, who knows?” replied the farmer.
The son began to learn to ride the wild horses, but one day he was thrown and broke his leg.
“What bad luck,” said the neighbours.
“Good luck, bad luck, who knows?” replied the farmer.
The next week the army came to the village to take all the young men to war.
The farmer’s son was still disabled with his broken leg, so he was spared.
“Good luck, bad luck, who knows?”

Sunday, April 19, 2009 Sunday, April 19, 2009

Getaway Blog

Been flat out this week trying to get the Getaway blog up and running, I'm happy to say that's its now live so share the link around with as many people as you can so we can keep these getaways running. So many companies are running getaways now so it is getting harder and harder to get the numbers we need.

Although it would be easy to say OK lets stop them running we just don't want to, since I started them 5yrs ago we have raised over 40K for Very Special Kids. Very Special Kids have given our family so much that giving up just doesn't seem right.

I just looked on Friday at the uni exam timetable and was a bit shocked to see what my June is shaping up to be like

June 1st - Wendys 50th Birthday !!
June 2nd - Statistics Exam
June 3rd - Coopers 2nd Birthday
June 4th - Counselling Exam -Karens Birthday (Kazmos Kreations)
JUne 5th - Getaway and Malcolm (Step dads) birthday
June 6th, - Arrive at Getaway
June 7th - Auction at Getaway
June 8th - Home from Getaway
June 8th - Dads Birthday
June 9th - ahhhh nothing
June 10th - "
June 11th - "
June 12th - "
June 13th - Psyc Exam

Phew I guess that means I really need to be organised !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How amazing is this......................

I have no idea how to link youtube to your blog but hey ill give you the link and take you there that way. It is amazing I have always loved the song "I dreamed a dream". And of course I expected her to crucify it as they do on these types of shows.

So watch it for yourself
I still have goosebumps.
Mette x

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thanks for the Date help

Thanks for everybody that helped me with my date dilemma looks like it fixed itself but hey we shall see if not i have some wonderful instructions sent by Libby.

Thanks Libby
Mette x

My Birthday

Forgot to mention had an awesome birthday, extended it over the weekend as it's about time i milked it i think.

On the Friday night we went to Kazmos for our reg Friday night crop and was so surprised to see the lovely Karen made me a yummmmmmmmmmmmmy Banana cake for my birthday, Rach bought some cookies and candles. I also got a lovely gift from Karen (keeping that one secret) the most comfy Jammies in the world from Rach and and potted Clyclamens from both Rach and Wendy. Yup spoilt this yr how cool is that to be so spoilt its a rareity in my neck of the woods as Jason normally forgets my birthday so it was a lovely birthday weekend.

Oops don't think I mentioned I got a tiny netbook laptop for my birthday - its so small almost cant find the keys. Very excited as I really need it for uni - my lappy is much too heavy to carry all the time and there aren't enough computers at uni, its a headache to try to get to use one.

As a few people have asked and I am not computer literate enough to answer all people properly ill let you know here. I am studying a Bach of Psyc Science. I have cashed in all my old study and am using all my credit towards this degree. I have to complete all my Psyc subjects and counselling subjects over three yrs and then I'm finished. So all up I need to do 2 subjects a semester over three yrs and then I'm done - woohoo so actually in 1st yr still but have done lots of previous study and also did one subject last yr. Its all confusing but hey I'm back enjoying it and getting there.

Well sort of the Psyc lab reports are doing my head in urgghhhhhhhhhh why are they so bloody particular.

Mette x

Had Rach for Easter

Had Rach for Easter nope I didn't eat her had her stay over it was lovely to just chill out and chat. We both sat on the couch with our laptops on our laps and watched Australia. Great movie I was very impressed. Very glad to have seen it haven't heard good things about it so haven't been to fussed until now. My goodness Hugh Jackman is ummm delicious even when he is filthy and not shaven yum yum ........most enjoyable bit of the movie, well every bit with him in it. I'll be watching him oops I mean it again for sure, LOL.

Jason took the big boys to the caravan over Easter leaving Coops and I at home to play with my girlfriends - After I was a bit sooky that the kids were not going to be home I suddenly got excited that I had free time LOL woohoo.

Coops and i had a lovely day Rach stayed the night and we celebrated in style - actually we went to Caribbean market bought some computer games inks for my printer, books for Ry and Puzzles for Coops all good fun to be had.
These are all of Coops enjoying his Easter egg - I gave it to him in one go, rather than have him whining for ages about wanting more it was gone in 10 minutes and that's all kid !!! (he only got the one big egg and some smaller ones as i don't really give the kids choc and certainly not him, although it has to be said he is more of a junk food addict than the other 2 )
Happy to be eating Choc - hmmmm enjoy it while it lasts kiddo - Mummy x
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Some bits from me

This photograph was taken yrs ago by a friend love it, i just love the light coming in.

My fav photo at the moment Coops with his blanket, he LOVES his blanket goes everywhere with it if he has his way.

Coops in his new car seat, don't love the layout but its done !!!!
An unfinished layout accidentally posted but hey ill leave it here LOL
Mette x
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More Family Album

More of the family Album, he girls and I are having a great love affair with Theresa Collins products, they are so easy to use, everything co-ordinates and we can make a whole album in one class. (well if we dont talk to much, LOL)

All colour photos are taken by Pam and B/w by Rach and Jason

One of my fav photos Love this look on Coops face, also got to love these rub ons not sure what they are but love the boldness of them.

Mette x
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