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My Birthday

Forgot to mention had an awesome birthday, extended it over the weekend as it's about time i milked it i think.

On the Friday night we went to Kazmos for our reg Friday night crop and was so surprised to see the lovely Karen made me a yummmmmmmmmmmmmy Banana cake for my birthday, Rach bought some cookies and candles. I also got a lovely gift from Karen (keeping that one secret) the most comfy Jammies in the world from Rach and and potted Clyclamens from both Rach and Wendy. Yup spoilt this yr how cool is that to be so spoilt its a rareity in my neck of the woods as Jason normally forgets my birthday so it was a lovely birthday weekend.

Oops don't think I mentioned I got a tiny netbook laptop for my birthday - its so small almost cant find the keys. Very excited as I really need it for uni - my lappy is much too heavy to carry all the time and there aren't enough computers at uni, its a headache to try to get to use one.

As a few people have asked and I am not computer literate enough to answer all people properly ill let you know here. I am studying a Bach of Psyc Science. I have cashed in all my old study and am using all my credit towards this degree. I have to complete all my Psyc subjects and counselling subjects over three yrs and then I'm finished. So all up I need to do 2 subjects a semester over three yrs and then I'm done - woohoo so actually in 1st yr still but have done lots of previous study and also did one subject last yr. Its all confusing but hey I'm back enjoying it and getting there.

Well sort of the Psyc lab reports are doing my head in urgghhhhhhhhhh why are they so bloody particular.

Mette x

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Jen H said...

Sounds like a fun time too!!
Jen H