Saturday, May 16, 2009 Saturday, May 16, 2009


Yesterday I got a text message asking if
- Josh had asked me a question when he got home??
- No Should he have?
- Yes he wanted to asks you if he could go to the wedding?
- Yes!!

OMG the most wonderful teacher in the world is changing her name, and how happy am I about that, well I was in the library when I received the news and I was so excited a little squeal escaped my lips.

I am seriously excited about this news, who knows why I just am.

I asked Josh about it as he got home

Josh - Yeah I forgot to ask you (huge grin), well can I go ?
Mum - Well if the most gorgeous teacher it the world says yes then its ok with me
Josh - Quick must get ready
Mum - What for ??
Josh - The Wedding !
Mum - No.. the wedding isn't for a while yet
Josh - Ahh well lets just organise my clothes then, I have no wedding clothes.

hmmmm I hope he forgets about this pretty soon or I will be encouraging them to throw a quick wedding next week.

Apparently he got to school, zipped his jacket up right to the top and smoothed it down and asked

Josh - Is this ok ?
Teacher - What for ?
Josh - The wedding, are my clothes ok ?

hmmmmm its gonna be a longggg wait............for everyone not just me

Anyway congratulations to the BEST teacher in the world, we love you to bits and are soo excited for you.

Love you and best wishes teacher


Mette and Josh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Oh Met Met, How can you not love this boy. He is sooo divine. I can just picture Josh all tarted up for the wedding. He will be the most gorgeous male there.

Helen Tilbury said...

Oh Mette that is just so funny! Kids - they just have no concept of time do they?! He is going to be driving you crazy...